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We can solve your 

Verruca Problem



We are Podiatrists and are experts in treating your verruca.

We have several treatment approaches to get rid of unsightly verrucas and allow you to get on with your day to day activities without embarassment. 

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Verrucas are a highly contagious viral lesion (HPV) that infects the outer layer of the skin.

It cleverly mimics normal skin cells which makes it difficult for the body to detect which is why they can stay in situ for several years. They normally don't cause pain but are very contagious. 

Verrucas tend to be more common in children than adults.

We are trained in a number of treatments and will discuss your options at your appointment. 


Let's get that Verruca gone!


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Our Treatment Options:

  • Our treatments are going to provoke an immune response 
  • Reduce any pain
  • STOP spreading to friends and family
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VerruTop Application 



Verucca Needling (Falknor's Procedure)





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Conditions we treat

We are highly experienced in helping you get out of pain and improving your quality of life. 


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We are HCPC registered health Care Professionals and provide advanced treatments for a wide range of problems. 


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You can book with us and see our full dairy here, or contact us for more information.  


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