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Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown Toe Nails  

We are Podiatrists and are experts in treating your ingrown nail. We perform nail surgery under local anesthetic and can make you pain-free almost immediately. 



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Ingrowing toenails affect the big toenail and are usually caused by poorly fitting footwear, direct trauma, or poor nail cutting technique.

The potential for infection is high and this can lead to intense pain and difficulty walking and will likely need a course of antibiotics from your Podiatrist or GP.


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Our Treatment Options:


Non-Surgical Nail Removal


Non-surgical nail removal using fine Podiatry instruments combined with the highly specialised skills of our Podiatrist can alleviate your pain.  Normally the issue does come back but we work with you to best help you manage longterm. 


As Podiatrists we are qualified to supply antibiotics if you require them as part of your treatment, however, the use of antibiotics will not be the solution to a persistent problem. Normally surgery is the best option, and this would generally mean there is no need for antibiotics. 


Nail Surgery with Local Anaesthetic

This is the gold standard. We will give. you the best advise on the best solution for you. We can apply a chemical called Phenol to prevent regrowth of the ingrowing nail and resolution of your painful symptoms forever. We also see you for aftercare. 


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We are highly experienced in helping you get out of pain and improving your quality of life. 


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We are HCPC registered health Care Professionals and provide advanced treatments for a wide range of problems. 


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You can book with us and see our full dairy here, or contact us for more information.  


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