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Emsella treatment for perimenopausal women

Finding Relief Through Emsella for Perimenopausal Women

As women enter their late 30s and 40s, they often experience changes related to perimenopause — the transition period before official menopause begins. Fluctuating hormones during this stage frequently cause unwelcome pelvic floor issues like urinary incontinence. It leads many women feeling distressed, anxious, and searching for solutions.

The good news is, there is an innovative new treatment option available called Emsella that is non-invasive and specifically aims to strengthen the pelvic floor to reduce leakage and accidents. It uses electromagnetic stimulation targeted at pelvic muscles to induce thousands of supramaximal contractions that help “re-train” weakened muscles.

Emsella is a Breakthrough for Perimenopausal Women

Emsella is conducted via a special chair with embedded electromagnetic coils. Patients sit fully clothed while treatment is delivered for 28 minutes per session. Most women report little to no sensation during the process. Mild warmth, tingling or soreness may linger temporarily afterward as side effects.

But the results speak for themselves — recent studies of Emsella show dramatic improvement in stress urinary incontinence symptoms after completing recommended protocols. Participants also report improved quality of life, efficacy that lasts at least 12 months, and minimal adverse effects.

Why Perimenopausal Women Benefit from Emsella

During perimenopause, declining estrogen levels impact vaginal pH and urethral sphincters while neurological signals between brain and bladder can become inconsistent. This frequently manifests as light bladder leakage, difficulty holding urine, sudden urges to urinate, and frequent daytime bathroom trips. Emsella counteracts these effects with regular pelvic muscle workouts that get strength and tone back on track.

Additionally, Emsella sessions allow for private time focused specifically on self-care and health. As busy mums supporting partners, kids, careers and more through their 40s, scheduling time that revolves around addressing personal needs provides mental health benefits as well. Emsella treatments check the box for both physical relief and much-needed mental self-care during this transitional decade of a woman’s life.

Recommended Protocol for Optimal Results

To experience the most dramatic improvement of urinary incontinence symptoms from Emsella treatments, providers recommend six 28-minute sessions completed over a 3-week period. This allows for adequate pelvic floor stimulation and exercise for best possible muscle rehabilitation and nerve re-training for leakage control.

Get started during Perimenopause for Preventative Care

Women do not necessarily need to wait until bothersome bladder leakage begins to consider Emsella. Starting a course of treatment during perimenopause allows for preventative conditioning of pelvic muscles before decline may happen. Like any exercise routine protecting bones or joints through aging, Emsella strengthens the hidden but crucial pelvic floor as a preventative self-care step.

Take control through perimenopause and ask your provider about the innovative Emsella treatment today. Renew strength, tone and control in just 6 short sessions with this breakthrough technology.

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